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Small Business Planning & Tactics

Strategic Leveling Up – Maintain clear objectivity and finely tuned focus

  • Answer the tough questions with a thorough structural evaluation of the organization yielding
    • Detailed recommendations with long-term supporting rationale
    • Action plans and Expected results
    • Integrated resource management
  • Effectively separate strategy from tactics, Incorporating the undercurrent of economic conditions
  • Establish true market and competitive positions
  • Precisely clarify the substance of the organization’s mission and  message,
  • Know your business, deliver the best, create customer value, change your culture, and manage profitability
  • Position for the future, articulate your message, implement the strategic plan, aggressively evaluate results

Tactical Initiatives

  • Operation and Financial turnarounds and workouts
  • Complex issue evaluation and resolution
  • Improve operational efficiency and financial accountability
  • Delivering measurable results to the bottom line


Strategy that transforms and incisive tactics that add muscle