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One of them, ‘Erectile Dysfunction and Subsequent Cardio exercise Disease’, examined the selection of patients whom received placebo in the Prostatic Cancer Protection Trial analysis, which explored the hypothesis that finasteride could cure the incidence of prostate cancers in mature men> / sama dengan 55 years, Erection Pills which has a prostate antigen <3. 0 ng / milliliters, with a normal rectal test and no history of prostate cancers 17. As the writer points out, the domain exercised over the systems in the pharmacopornographic era is known as a pop control Preciado, 2008133; that is to say, completely no longer the panopticon so, who watched the bodies so that they behaved effectively. -- In persons <45 years, while not risk factors, it can be mentioned without the need to get cardiovascular analysis. Sildenafil, a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor, certainly is the treatment of choice for erectile dysfunction. Every single morning your woman puts condoms and medikament in her bag. You understand you go right into a sauna by five and you will go out for nine in the evening. Evaluation of treatment with Sildenafil by patients. Comparison of a lot more than two related samples HAPI and Eisenmenger at baseline, at six months and at a couple of years, was performed using the Friedman test. In Panama and nicaragua ,, however , research of this type are nonexistent, with the exception of infrequent journalistic articles or blog posts that almost never refer to the land Reuters, 2005; EFE, 2005; Arroyo González, 2008. In this article all of us review the prevalence of ED, its mechanisms of production, their association to risk factors and CV disease, and it is value like a predictor of CV occasions.

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