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If you??re looking for what do in FortLauderdale or Things to Do in Fort Lauderdale here??s a unique suggestion:Fishing!  Fort Lauderdale offersthe worlds best fishing. From freshwater fishing in lakes, rivers, and theeverglades, to saltwater fishing, there’s truly nowhere else on earth like it. Today we’re going to talkabout deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale onyour own boat and what it takes to get involved. Believe it or not offshorefishing (aka deep sea fishing) is actually quite easy when you get the basicfishing pointers down.  First lets start with theobvious?? you’re going to need a fishing boat to go fishing in Fort Lauderdale.If you don’t have a boat there are numerous fishing charters in Fort Lauderdalethat can take you out.  Fort Lauderdale??sfishing charters and fishing guides in Florida are a great way to learn theropes  of Fishing in Florida and it’lltake some of the stress off of choosing equipment, finding a location, etc. Ifyou’re in the ‘don’t got a boat’ category, youcan pretty much stopreading now and pick up the phone and contact a local fishing guide. For those of you who dohave a fishing boat things are a little more complicated. First ofall, as with any type of boating activity, you must feel confident operatingyour fishing boat offshore. You’ll need the proper safety equipment for goingoffshore. In addition to the usual Coast Guard required safety equipment (lifejackets, flares, etc.) we also recommend having a very well equipped first aidkit and a PLBor Nike Air Max EPIRB for calling for help if your phone is not working. In terms of equipment,it’s good to have a few offshore rod/reel combos with adjustable drag and 30lb + test line. The more lines you have in the water the better chance you willhave of catching a fish, but when you’re trolling, more lines can get you introuble.  On most boats, if you’replanning on fishing with multiple lines, you’ll also want to invest in someoutriggers which keep the fishing lines apart. In addition to the rods, besureto have a fishing knife, fishing gloves, a cooler with ice (hopefully you??ll befilling it up with fish), and a device for measuring to make sure fish are of alegal size. Like many states, Florida law requires you to have a fishingpermit, special permits are required for hunting specific species, so pleasecheck with Florida Fish & Wildlife (FWC) for 愛迪達鞋子2018新款 up to date regulations. Ifyour boat lacks rocket launchers (fishing rod holders) you??ll also want toinvest in some type of belt for holding the rod.  To go fishing in FortLauderdale you??re going to need some bait. Local tackle shops sell pre riggedballyhoo that take a lot of the guesswork out of the process. The hooks arealready in the fish which makes fishing clean and easy. Just hook up the leaderto the swivel on the end of your line and you??re all set. Once you??ve got the baitand the equipment squared a way its time to hop on your boat and head out to gofishing in Fort Lauderdale. You??ll see a lot of Fort Lauderdale Charter Fishingboats when you go out and an easy way to find a good spot is to look for theFort Lauderdale charter boats and fish near them. If you??re too shy, just headfor areas where there are steep drop offs into the deep water. In FortLauderdale this can actually be very close to shore. Once you??re out there putthe bait on the line, the line in the water and let the line out approximately50 ?? 100 feet. Some people prefer long trolling, but most of the experts keeptheir bait close in. Run the boat at 6 ?? 8 knots and you??ll be in good shapefor targeting many different species.

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