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  • Compelling Skill

    I offer you a rare and formidable combination of CPA, CFO, and Executive acumen that can fortify and amplify your financial future. We offer the technical expertise, leadership, and experiential savvy to powerfully assist you in bringing your fiscal visions to life.

  • Focused Understanding

    I listen to you; and ask questions, and review and analyze data with a singular motivation; to pinpoint what you or your business specifically requires, and target services to meet those needs. We take the time to get to what you want.

  • Storied Teamwork

    I work with you. My ambition is to build your trust, create certainty, and make finances and numbers more than abstract concepts. We work together to achieve relational performance, transforming your finances, business, and quality of life.

  • Creative Excellence

    This is where you or your business gets traction. You get what you want, on a timely basis, done right 1st time. And our working rapport and innovative collaboration become cornerstones of all future professional relations.

  • A Clear Difference

    My 20+ years as a CPA, Business Owner, Executive, CEO & CFO has given me rich insight, a talent for identifying core issues, and unique perspective for creating compelling solutions and strategies.

    It’s about more than numbers; it’s about life. We as entrepreneurs, families, and individuals all strive to make our mark, to succeed and prosper, and to positively impact the lives of those who travel the road with us. The Robert Diemer Group’s sole mission is to become a valued and trusted professional partner on your road; transforming finances, business, and your quality of life
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  • Relevant Services

    Get a fresh approach to your unique financial requirements.

    My work personalizes service to you as an individual, family, or business. Whether you are grappling with taxes, resolving financial & accounting issues, generating analysis, executing tactics, or conducting forward strategic planning, I bring proven value.

    My depth, experience, and skill as a CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Business Advisor, and CEO will produce clarity and a foundation for informed decision making; putting you on a path of renewed growth, earnings, value, and effectiveness.

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20+ Years of Experience

Professional Services - Excellent Customer Service

Underneath it all, is my desire for you to prosper. My life work is using my proficiency in finance, accounting, and taxes to make your life or business better.

I take the time to gain a clear understanding of your unique financial dynamics. Then with purposeful insight I leverage my financial and tax expertise to responsively meet your objectives.

The whole idea is to bring you or your business’s financial goals to life. And what I like best about what I do is getting to become a trusted partner in your success

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What We Blog About

Let's talk business, from the top down – minimizing taxes, discovering growth opportunities, the fundamentals of profit & cash flow, financing and where to find it, competitive strategy, and tactics that win; And How I see things - What’s going on in the world of economics, finance, taxes, housing, employment and more affecting you, your family, and business and world; and managing the turbulence.

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