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avatar“I‘ve enjoyed the privilege of working with Robert Diemer for more than a decade. I have always been impressed with his business acumen and personal integrity. Robert has a keen understanding of the system and how it operates. His skills and discipline have helped to formulate goals and objectives coherently and efficiently providing a favorable outcome each time we have worked together. Robert brings smart perspective and comprehensive attention to every endeavor. I proudly offer my recommendation of Robert straightaway.”

Richard Layne
President X360 Brand Momentum, Newport Beach, CA
avatar"I have known Robert since 1992. He has been instrumental in helping me manage my personal and business affairs. He has given me sound advice and has been a true professional in all of my dealings with him. His astute tax and financial skills coupled with creative problem solving abilities make him a unique professional. I trust him implicitly and the valuable advice he has given me has helped me to achieve my personal and business objectives. I highly recommend him."

Karen Daniels
VP Operations, Adamis Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, CA
avatar“Over a number of years Robert and I have worked together in a variety of capacities. We have worked on everything from large corporate real estate transactions to my personal taxes. In all cases I have found Robert to be incisive in his analysis, creative in his recommendations and willing to both ask the hard questions and make the difficult recommendation when the difficult recommendation was the right thing to do. The best part of our work together continues to be the confidence I have that Robert has put himself in my shoes, considered the situation from my perspective and his advice is based my best interest.”

Robert G. Schuur
Manager Planning, So. Cal. Edison Corporate Real Estate, Los Angeles, CA
avatar“Robert has been with me since day 1 at Dayspring. From fighting with the IRS for our non-profit status, to preparing returns and generously giving his time in other endeavors, he’s been in Dayspring’s corner all the way. I consider him not only a terrifically qualified and effective professional, but a trusted friend."

Peter Garich
President, Dayspring Biblical Counseling, Inc., San Diego, CA
avatar"Robert Diemer has taken care of my personal and corporate tax preparation and filing needs for the past 23 years. He has also been of great assistance in the negotiations involved in my office leases. Robert’s been through thick and thin with me. He's honest, knowledgeable, thorough, cost effective, and always on time. I can’t recommend him enough."

Gregory Dickson
Ph.D., Inc., Clinical Psychologist, La Jolla, CA
avatar“I have known and worked with Robert Diemer for over 23 years. We first met while serving as part of the leadership team for a real estate holding company owned by a major title insurer. As our CFO, Robert was responsible for the financing of both our operational properties and also for equity fund raising for numerous real estate investment projects. Following our departure from this firm, as my CPA Bob provided me with organizational and tax advice in the start-up and operation of my financial services company. With his diverse management, accounting and tax experience, I would highly recommend Robert to any potential client.”

Gerald Misurek
Principal, Ed Beck & Associates, Atlanta, GA
avatarI have worked with Robert Diemer over 20 years on various real estate projects. Robert has exemplified the highest caliber of professionalism. His knowledge, integrity and attention to detail are unsurpassed. It is my pleasure to recommend and support him in any venture he pursues.

Sonya Dopp-Grech
Principal & Founding Venture Partner - Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate