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  • What was sensed like a simple comfort was a revolution. There are anecdotal conditions that suggest that sildenafil, when taken by women, makes real magic in bed. Any time these arrhythmias are link... Continue →

  • One of them, ‘Erectile Dysfunction and Subsequent Cardio exercise Disease’, examined the selection of patients whom received placebo in the Prostatic Cancer Protection Trial analysis, whic... Continue →

  • Fortunately, in the 17 individuals the symptoms had settled 21 days and nights later. 2003The downside of Viagra can certainly experiences and concerns Even if you acceleration it up, potency pills... Continue →

  • Among the many current treatments, potency pills the application of sildenafil, a selective inhibitor of phosphodiesterase isoenzyme five, has been offered in the take care of primary and secondary P... Continue →

  • DREW ceased to be a specific issue of urologists to curiosity all general practitioners and especially individuals after the popularization of their treatment with sildenafil. It became an undeniable... Continue →

  • Remedies of the kind are actually part of the development of the biopolitical world in which we live, where certain types of individuals with sexualities mainly devoted to penetrative lovemaking pract... Continue →

  • We need it; a burden, I do not think so. For 24 weeks, 532 men, older than 18 years, were viewed with 25, 50, or 100 mg of sildenafil or a placebo, approximately one hour before sexual activities and... Continue →

  • Staying at level leads to a normalization of minute level and systemic blood pressure, when heart rate remains elevated and stroke volume level decreases. Her brand, at her request, was changed for t... Continue →

  • Percentage distribution of Sildenafil ingestion according to age group. Dr . Carlos Cotiz, director in the Chilean Start of Sexology, explains the fact that expectations and ideas regarding sexuality... Continue →

  • MALE IMPOTENCE would then simply go from being thought to be an issue that simply impacts the quality of existence to a sentinel that warns the possibility of the development of clinical manifestation... Continue →